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Where can I find property rental prices?

It can be difficult to find rental prices and data related to the rental property market. We show you some places to obtain it

2 min read · March 2022

Where can I find property rental prices?

If you do not have a source of data on the property market, you are likely going off intuition. Intuition can be great, but you may want to confirm your thinking with external data.

Where can I get an estimated monthly rental price for property?

  • Estate agents
  • Property listings websites
  • Property data websites

Estate agents

These tend to have local knowledge on the market, and can give you an estimate of what the property can be let out for.

Property listing websites

Property listings websites such as OpenRent have rent estimation tools after you put in details about the property. These can be less accurate than a local estate agent, but useful to get some idea of the price.

Property data websites

These are websites that specialise in providing data on the property market, but few exist and the data they offer varies.

Where can I see demand and stats on the rental market in my area?

If you are looking for data on the overall rental market, this can be harder to pin down. Property Wisdom offers broad market data and accurate estimate for specific property sizes within a postcode area. Some of the broad data includes property data. On location pages a median rental price as well as an average are shown for properties by number of bedrooms.

You can also see the number of properties currently available in the location, by number of bedrooms, as well as how many have a let agreed status in the last 6 months (these are shown in the brackets beside the numbers)