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Where to find investment properties for sale

There are some investment properties listed for sale across the internet, but far more regular property listings that can be turned into investment properties.

2 min read · 2 Apr 2022

Where to find investment properties for sale

When embarking on investing in buy-to-let properties, one of the first challenges will be where to find them. You can find ready-made investment properties, such as those with a tenant in already or a property with an existing HMO license if that is what you are looking for. The good news is, it's not hard to rent out an existing property, making it a buy-to-let purchase.

There are a few specific things your property will require (annual gas check, electricity check, and in the future, a minimum EPC rating), but these are manageable checks, and will also be required for existing investment properties.

Investment property listings

There are sites where you can find properties for sale with existing tenants. The drawback with these is, people are unlikely to sell great investments. Buying properties which are already tenanted can save some work, but also require investigation to check if they are in arrears, etc - which they can be.

If you are looking for commercial properties:

Regular property listings

Regular listings occasionally have properties designed to be let out. These will be refurbished, with new kitchens, paint, carpets etc. The buyer has often bought the property in a state that requires refurbishment, and is now selling it to make a profit. Don't be put off by them - refurbishing a property definitely takes capital - in money or sweat.

Regular property listings also occasionally tenanted properties. To find investment properties for sale that include all of the above, consider using a tool which scans thousands of listings daily to find the best property investments