A list of PropertyWisdom product updates by date and version


This is where the changelog starts, but development had progressed before here. So this entry is a highlights list of some of the main features before this date.

  • Added mailing list subscription

  • Added Landing page

  • Added median yield summary to location pages

  • Added rental price breakdown by number of bedrooms to location pages

  • Added sale price breakdown by number of bedrooms to location pages

  • Added 180 day rental stock percentage to location pages

  • Added top yielding listings to location pages

  • Added time to offer summary average to location pages

  • Added maps to location (postcode, county, location) pages

End of Changelog


  • Added a rental market summary description to location pages

  • Added some child location links to a location page


  • Added a new side-by-side layout for location pages

  • Replaced the dynamic map on public location pages with a generated map image

  • Removed unused analytic calls


  • Added an 'average' temperature rating to market summaries

  • Added messages for when there is a lack of data on location pages


  • Added a sales market summary description to location pages

  • Added a seperate panel for rental and sales on location pages

  • Added rental and sale current listing totals to location pages


  • Added a credit system to unlock data

  • Users can now signup for a test account


  • Removed the email verification requirement on signup

  • New signups are now automatically logged in

  • Email verification is now required to unlock the free trial credits


  • Improved the modal display for Top Listings display better on mobile

  • Improved the display of other elements on location pages for mobile


  • Data for a view of all postcode data can now be unlocked

  • Modal popup for hidden data on the homepage added


  • All cities page added

  • All regions page added


  • Relative market temperature page added

  • Market temperature calculations now use percentiles

  • Pagination introduced


  • Changes to the display of hidden data on location pages

  • Top listings are now only unlocked on Professional and Maximum plans


  • Reduced visual movement within the unlock buttons upon loading.

  • Reduced visual movement within tables upon loading.


  • Dropdowns in the header now show on hover.

  • My Account now shows in the header when logged out, but with a sign in dropdown option.


  • Currently unlocked data pages are now shown in the dashboard