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Average yield
2.27% above average2.27% above average
Rental stock
-10.79% below average-10.79% below average
Rental time to offer
14 days
2 days below average2 days below average

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Rental listings by number of bedrooms

No. of bedroomsNo. of listingsAverage rentMedian rentTime to Offer
1107 (360)£843 pcm£848 pcm15 days
2121 (566)£1,012 pcm£950 pcm16 days
371 (335)£1,168 pcm£1,150 pcm14 days
419 (113)£1,436 pcm£1,450 pcm15 days

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Top listings by yield

ListingPriceMedian rentYield
One bedroom flat£55,000£458 pcm9.98%
Three bedroom house£60,000£499 pcm9.98%
One bedroom flat£48,000£399 pcm9.98%
Three bedroom house£104,995£873 pcm9.97%
Three bedroom house£119,995£995 pcm9.95%

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Rental listings by number of bedrooms

No. of bedroomsNo. of listingsAverage priceMedian priceTime to Offer
1605 (143)£97,568£90,00019 days
21133 (1557)£133,421£122,00014 days
31117 (3424)£187,823£175,00013 days
4562 (999)£317,255£295,00014 days

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Top postcode districts by yield

Postcode DistrictMedian PriceMedian RentYield
Hidden£83,000£1,200 pcm17.35%
Hidden£59,995£525 pcm10.50%
Hidden£59,995£495 pcm9.90%
Hidden£70,975£550 pcm9.30%
Hidden£82,000£600 pcm8.78%

Top cities by yield

CityMedian PriceMedian RentYield
Hidden£151,000£750 pcm5.96%
Hidden£125,000£613 pcm5.88%
Hidden£145,000£700 pcm5.79%
Hidden£115,000£550 pcm5.74%
Hidden£158,500£713 pcm5.39%

Top regions by yield

RegionMedian PriceMedian RentYield
Hidden£140,000£650 pcm5.57%
Hidden£145,000£645 pcm5.34%
Hidden£160,000£650 pcm4.88%
Hidden£180,000£650 pcm4.33%
Hidden£147,000£525 pcm4.29%

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